Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Bonding

by | Jan 19, 2023

At Dynamic Smile Design, Dr. Patel offers cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry to give you a perfect smile. One of the latest and most efficient dental technologies available today is cosmetic dental bonding, which achieves the same appearance and addresses the same issues as veneers. The cosmetic dental bonding process molds composite resin over your existing tooth to reshape chipped, cracked, or damaged teeth. The teeth are prepared by making the tooth’s surface slightly rough and adding a treatment that helps the resin stick to the tooth. Dr. Patel will then add the resin to the tooth, reshape it, and harden the resin to create the appearance of a fresh new tooth.

Cosmetic dental bonding is perfect for individuals looking to repair damaged teeth without necessarily needing veneers or more comprehensive dental treatment. Dynamic Smile Design is on hand to share some of the benefits of cosmetic dental bonding.


The full process of cosmetic dentistry can take as little as between 30-60 minutes per tooth. If you only have a few misshapen, crooked, or even stained teeth, it is the perfect alternative to replacing your teeth with veneers over a more extended period. If you want your smile back today or don’t have the time for a longer treatment course, cosmetic dental bonding can be completed in one single appointment, saving you hours getting ready for veneers. Cosmetic dental bonding can last for years, yielding pearly white results after one meeting that can set you up for the future. The process is also relatively noninvasive, which also saves you time as you don’t have to spend time adjusting to your new veneers, but can be ready to go soon after your appointment.


You may be uncertain if you want to invest in porcelain veneers – in fact, many people use cosmetic dental bonding as an interim treatment to porcelain veneers. Suppose you want a perfect smile but don’t feel that your teeth need more extensive and invasive treatment. In that case, cosmetic dental bonding can give you back your confidence in one session, letting you evaluate your options for further cosmetic dentistry. Or, if you’ve already decided you want porcelain veneers, you don’t have to wait for the perfect smile, and can use cosmetic dental bonding as the middle ground to a more permanent set of teeth. Dr. Patel and the Dynamic Smile Design team will be able to talk you through treatment options and find the right dental treatment plan for you.


Composite resin is designed to match the color of your existing teeth, for a natural, perfect looking smile. You could leave after the appointment with even the most minor adjustments leaving you confident and ready to smile without anyone knowing you’ve had cosmetic dentistry. The composite resin is durable but also adaptable, and can be adjusted by Dr. Patel at any point in the future after your treatment. The resin’s finish is smooth and mimics your existing teeth’ appearance, so you can’t tell the difference. The resin’s strength also permits an entirely natural eating function, so that you can enjoy your food even better than before with completely full and straight teeth.


Cosmetic dental bonding creates a seal between the outside world and your teeth, acting as a barrier between bacteria and your mouth. While you’ll need to protect them from staining by maintaining high oral hygiene standards to keep them for longer, your teeth are protected by the resin. In the past, silver or mixed metal fillings (known as dental amalgams) could leak substances which were poisonous for your body. Composite resin is entirely biocompatible, made up of organic and inorganic compounds that do not react with your teeth, and will cause no harm to your body. You can leave after the appointment feeling confident that your teeth are safe from damage and will be protected for longer.


It can be incredibly concerning if you have a cracked tooth, as you might be worried about the damage getting worse and the tooth chipping at a later date. With cosmetic dental bonding, you can be reassured that your smile can remain intact after one straightforward appointment. If you’re investing in cosmetic dental bonding as a short term treatment for porcelain veneers, leaving cracked or chipped teeth might be concerning, so the treatment is the perfect way to fix worrying imperfections immediately. The composite resin binds together the cracks in your teeth, leaving them stronger than they were before. The benefit of composite resin is that if there is the slightest damage years later, Dr. Patel will be able to repair it for you after another simple consultation.


Having cracked, misshapen, damaged, or shorter teeth can preoccupy a patient, especially if it’s at the front of their mouth. But the Dynamic Smile Design team can restore your confidence in one session. You won’t have to be daunted by the thought of investing in a longer-term treatment as we can simply fix the issues in a day. Dr. Patel is recognized as a world-class leader in general and cosmetic dentistry, so you can feel safe in her and the team’s competent hands.

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