Benefits of Dental Implants

by | Jan 19, 2023

If you are thinking about getting dental implants because you need to replace your missing teeth, then there’s a high chance that you have a few questions. After all, you need to know if they are the best option for you and you also need to explore the benefits of getting implants as well as finding out if you are a suitable candidate.


When you have a dental implant fitted, you will have a prosthetic tooth. The end result will look completely natural. The prosthetic tooth will sit so that it is flush with the gum line as well. This means that nobody will be able to spot which of your teeth are real and which ones have been restored.


Another benefit of getting implants fitted, is that they look like natural teeth. One of the greatest benefits is that they can give you all of the same strength and function of the teeth you once had. The main reason for this is because the implant is anchored to the jawbone. This gives it the look of a much more natural root and it also gives you a great level of stability.


One of the major side effects of losing a tooth is that you also start to lose bone mass around the jawline. The main reason for this is because there is no root there, and therefore no ossification can take place. If you place an implant into the jawbone, then this will stimulate new bone growth and it will also prevent bone loss in the future.


Following on from the previous point, it’s bone loss that can give those who have missing teeth a very sunken appearance around their mouth. It also goes on to impact the structure of their face as well. If you want to keep your jawbone strong, then believe it or not, dental implants can easily help you to preserve the structure of your face.


Much like your natural teeth, with the right level of care, dental implants have the potential to easily last a lifetime. If you look at the lifetime cost of having implants versus the cost of various other restoration, you will see that they are actually cost-effective. When your mouth has been fit with implants, you can then focus on trying to prevent any other issues that might occur at a later date.


One of the biggest complaints that are normally associated with tooth loss or even wearing dentures is that you usually have to change what you eat because your bite is less effective. Sometimes they don’t stay in place very well and this makes eating things such as steak or even apples very difficult. Implants on the other hand are very stable and people are usually able to eat and drink as normal when they have them fitted.


Tooth loss and even wearing dentures can easily impact your confidence. Having missing teeth can change the way that you feel about smiling or even talking. When you have dental implants, you will soon see that they are held in place by your jawbone and they do not move either so you can undergo all of your day to day activities without having to worry about a thing.


Dental implants are very easy to care for and they also require the very same care as your natural teeth. You will need to brush them and floss them twice a day. You’ll also need to undergo regular check-ups and you will also need to visit a routine hygienist as well. A lot of people think that, just because their implants are not made out of an organic material that they do not need to be cleaned. This is not true at all. Dental implants can easily attract plaque and even tarter. You are also just as much at risk of experiencing gum disease and infections if you do not undergo the right care and cleaning routine.


Dental implants are very popular, mainly because they have a very high rate of success. The success of your implant may depend on the position in your mouth and of course, the amount of bone that you have. Factors that include smoking can also greatly influence whether or not your implant is going to be a success or not. Dental implants have a success rate of 98%. This means that they prove to be a very good outcome for most people.


The benefits of getting implants really are endless. If you want to explore the idea of getting implants, then it is a good idea for you to talk to Dr. Patel. When you do, she can then work with you to make sure that you are getting the best result of the surgery you are undergoing, and can also let you know if you are even a candidate for getting implants. If you want to find out more about implants or if you are ready to take that next step in your smile journey, then contact our team at Dynamic Smile Design today!