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Elena C Puig, DMD, PA
Reshma J. Patel, DMDAesthetic & Restorative Dentistry   •   Cosmetic Dentistry - Orlando, FL
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Why Choose Dr. Elena C. Puig?

If you require major dental work, desire cosmetic treatments, or simply wish to stay on top of your ongoing oral care, finding the right dentist is the first step en route to rebuilding a winning smile.

Dr. Elena C. Puig and the Dynamic Smile Design team provide a brilliant solution for anyone living in the Orlando area. Here are just five reasons to consider us for your dental needs for many years to come.

A Comprehensive Range Of Treatments

Dynamic Smile Design offers an extensive range of procedures across the realms of preventive, cosmetic, laser, restorative, and sedation dentistry. Whether you desire a whiter smile, or require dental implants, or even a full-mouth reconstruction, Dr. Elena C. Puig is capable of providing a highly professional service, and beautiful outstanding results that will give you the confident smile of your dreams.

Clear Communication

Facing the prospect of dental work can be a little scary, especially when you don’t know what to expect, but Dr. Elena C. Puig believes that providing transparency is equally as important as providing quality transformations and restorations. In addition to providing clear details about any proposed treatments, she will always answer your questions and discuss concerns with you. We will go over information about your options to help you make the best choice for your personal needs. We do our best to foster an atmosphere where communication can be open and clear.

A Solid Reputation

Dr. Elena C. Puig boasts over 20 years of experience and has cemented her place as one of the most professional dentists in Florida. This is backed up by various certifications while thousands of happy clients have confirmed that the level of care is of the highest standard. You’ll get fantastic results here at Dynamic Smile Design.

Comfortable Surroundings

Convenience is another crucial factor in your decision-making processes. Our dental practice is located in an accessible location at 1600 Hillcrest Street while we are open Monday through Friday. We have built an exceptionally comfortable setting for your treatments with many patient amenities available. Our reception areas boast comfy furniture while all rooms are kept at comfortable temperatures and choose color schemes and layouts designed to keep your mind at ease. From the second you step into our establishment, you will have confidence in the service you’ll receive, and be assured that you’ll be as comfortable as possible while in Dr. Puig’s care. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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