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Why You Should Choose a Female Dentist

Over the years there has been a significant rise in female dentists. With this has come qualified and caring dentists that put your dentistry needs first. At Dynamic Smile Design, we have an all-female team that are here to ensure that you don’t feel anxious about visiting the dentist. Wondering why you should choose a female dentist? Here are just some of the main reasons:

They are more empathetic and compassionate

In order to work within the dentistry field, you need to be compassionate and empathetic towards patients. Female dentists are exactly that. Boasting nurturing qualities that will comfort the patient and make them feel at ease, Dr. Elena C. Puig will give you routine checkups, diagnose any problems if they occur and suggest treatment if needed.

They are great listeners

Women are notoriously good listeners and being able to listen to patients is essential. The team at Dynamic Smile Design will carefully listen to patient concerns, providing them with high-quality treatment and a dental experience that is pleasant.

They are more attentive

Alongside being good listeners, female dentists are proven to be more attentive than their male counterparts. Dr. Puig will take time and effort with each patient and will ensure that they receive high-quality care every time they visit for a checkup.

They are dedicated and open to learning new practices/techniques

Female dentists always want to improve their dental practice by learning state-of-the-art techniques. Wanting to constantly update their dental knowledge, they put a high priority on treating patients’ problems quickly and efficiently in a safe way.

They have smaller hands

This might sound like a way of conforming to gender stereotypes, but on average, women’s hands are smaller than men’s hands. This has the benefit within dentistry of allowing female dentists to reach into spaces within the mouth (e.g the oral cavity) a lot easier. They are also less daunting and allows for greater dexterity when performing either a checkup or a procedure.

They are great with people of all ages

Being able to treat the whole family is a must for many when looking for a new dentist. Female dentists tend to be better with children (as well as those of all ages), which is a bonus that doesn’t come with many dental practices.

Why you should contact Dynamic Smile Design for treatment

Dynamic Smile Design is a one-of-a-kind dental practice in Orlando that offers a range of services. From cosmetic dentistry to restorative dentistry and dental implants, we have all of your dental needs covered! Tailoring our dental treatments to fit your requirements, we focus on your oral healthcare, giving you a smile that’s healthy and that you’re proud of. Want to find out more about what we can offer you? Contact us or request an appointment online using our quick and easy contact form.

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