Meet Dr. Reshma J. Patel


Dr. Reshma J. Patel grew up in Brevard County, Florida, and has always loved the sunshine and beautiful beaches of the Floridian coastline. She knows how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so she spends her free time being active and focusing on her fitness, health, and family. She’s an amazing cook, and she loves to impress her husband, son, and friends with her healthy and delicious meals. Dr. Patel loves to travel when she has the time.

Dr. Patel was an attentive and dedicated student while attending the University of Florida for her undergraduate degree. Her scores were excellent, which allowed her to gain entry into the competitive and challenging program at the Medical University of South Carolina. After earning her Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree, Dr. Reshma Patel started practicing dental medicine in Jacksonville and Tampa. She’s worked in dentistry for more than a decade.

Being a young family is difficult when you live away from your family. Dr. Patel and her husband recently moved back home so their new baby boy can grow up near his grandma and grandpa. Dr. Patel understands how important family is, and she wants to provide your family with compassionate, gentle, yet effective dental care.

Dynamic Smile Design is committed to a high standard of care, and that dedication to doing what’s good for the patient has allowed us to grow as a business for years. We’re proud that our practice is fully invested in the latest dental technology, skills, knowledge, and tools, and we can provide services that many other local practices don’t offer. Our doctors and technicians are dedicated to continuing education and learning about the latest techniques, data, and study results in dental medicine.

Dr. Patel is excited to join the team at Dynamic Smile Design. She’s eager to share her philosophy for providing the highest quality of patient care, just like Dr. Patel. When you come to our dental clinic, you’re getting a very high standard of care performed using the latest techniques and most modern equipment possible. Dr. Patel has the most up-to-date information, advanced techniques, and modern skills in the dentistry field to provide the utmost in comfortable dental care.

Thanks to continuing education, Dr. Patel is well-versed in cosmetic and restorative dentistry as well as Invisalign treatment. She looks forward to helping boost your confidence with a smile makeover. Dr. Patel is skilled in restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and more. She has a number of options available to give her patients a totally new smile. Cosmetic dentistry can have a profound impact on your life, and Dr. Patel appreciates the power of being able to transform her patients’ aesthetic in just a few hours’ time.

Excellent cosmetic dental care can transform your face and change peoples’ first impression of you. A first impression is formed subconsciously, and it’s strongly influenced by your appearance, mannerisms, body language, scent, voice, and smile. Having a fresh, healthy-looking smile can go a long way towards positively influencing a stranger’s first impression of you. Dr. Patel specializes in providing her patients with beautiful, healthy-looking smiles.

The team at Dynamic Smile Design is committed to excellence in care, growth in business, and the use of the most effective technologies and techniques in dentistry. Our team does beautiful, quality dentistry that we can be proud of. When you come to us for dental care, you’re treated like family. We always do our best to provide a comfortable experience and the best possible care. We’re always looking out for the best interest of our patients.

Dynamic Smile Design’s team of compassionate, skilled dental professionals are excited to welcome a new member to the team. We’re happy that Dr. Reshma Patel has returned home and can be close to her family once again. We’re excited to watch her young family grow and are honored to call her one of our own. Join us in welcoming Dr. Reshma Patel to the Dynamic Smile Design team. Patients are encouraged to make an appointment with Dr. Patel today for cosmetic and restorative treatment in Orlando.