Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

A missing tooth can really hurt your confidence. This is especially the case if it is one of the teeth at the front of your mouth. However, the problems associated with missing teeth extend further than this. The rest of your teeth can shift to fill the empty space, and it can have an impact on your ability to chew food, your speech, and much more. That is why it is important to assess your treatment options. The good news is that there are a number of different solutions if you have missing teeth.


The first of which is dental implants. This is one of the most common solutions when it comes to replacing missing teeth. This is a reliable form of tooth replacement, which feels and looks real. The process can be rather lengthy, but a lot of people would agree that it is worth it. The root of your tooth will be replaced with metal screws, which will then be used so that the false tooth can be attached on top. After the screws have been put in the right place, time needs to be given so that the implant can heal. This can take a few months, as the implant starts to fuse to your jawbone. After the implant has been fully healed, a dental crown will be placed on top and secured.

There are a number of benefits associated with going for this treatment option. This includes the fact that dental implants represent a lifelong, permanent replacement, meaning you will not have to undergo any follow-up, regular check-ups in the future. Furthermore, your adjacent teeth are going to remain intact, as there is no involvement of your neighboring teeth. Dental implants are also known for having a very natural look and feel, as well as being one of the most effective treatment solutions when replacing missing teeth.


This is also known as a flipper, as it has the ability to flip in and out of the position. This may conjure up images of false teeth from the movies, which fall out and look clumsy! This is not the case. While they are temporary, they are designed to fit your teeth and mouth, so they do not look awkward or out of place.


Removable partial dentures are another option you may want to think about if you have missing teeth. This treatment has been designed for individuals who have a few missing teeth, rather than one or an entire set. They will be clasped into the correct place, ensuring that the dentures are held in correctly and feel secure while you are using them.

The simplicity associated with this treatment is one of the main benefits that you can expect. The addition of metal clasps is the only thing required. This also means that partial dentures are very easy to replace or repair if this is required. If any teeth are lost in the future, additional teeth can be added to the parietal denture directly, which can save you a lot of money, time, and hassle.


tAnother option to consider if you have missing teeth is a tooth-supported bridge. This will use your current teeth for supporting the placement of a bridge, as opposed to the use of implants. With this treatment, a crown will be placed onto your teeth, which will be next to the teeth that are missing and cemented into place. It will take a couple of visits for this procedure to be carried out in full. And, of course, Dr. Patel will advise on whether or not this is the best treatment option for you.

There are a number of different benefits associated with going for this option. It is generally one of the cheaper options, and it is certainly more affordable than dental implants. The process is also less invasive, as no surgery is needed, and this is one of the reasons why it appeals to so many people. You can also expect a look and feel that is realistic, which is vital when replacing missing teeth.


The final option that we are going to take a look at is an implant-supported bridge, which is the perfect solution for anyone who has a number of teeth missing in a row. With this solution, only the teeth at the two ends will be secured in place with implants. Instead, the middle teeth will be held into place without any sort of screwing.

There are a number of reasons why implant-supported bridges are a good choice. They can provide a very natural look, and they are just as effective as dental implants are. They also represent good value for money if you need to replace a number of teeth that are missing in a row.


If you would like to book an appointment or discuss your options regarding replacing missing teeth, all you need to do is give Dynamic Smile Design a call today. You will speak to one of our friendly and professional dental team members who will be more than happy to answer any queries you have and to get an appointment scheduled. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your dental concerns.