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Elena C Puig, DMD, PA
Reshma J. Patel, DMDAesthetic & Restorative Dentistry   •   Cosmetic Dentistry - Orlando, FL
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As Dr. Puig About Cosmetic Dental Contouring

If you are like most people, you might be acutely aware of your smile’s imperfections. You might worry about baring your teeth in pictures or showing off those pearly whites as you talk—especially if you have teeth that are chipped, pitted, or strangely shaped. Fortunately, here at Dynamic Smile Design, we can smooth out the […]

Cosmetics and Benefits of Composite Resin Fillings

The unmistakable sting of a cavity can make a lot of people nervous. There can questions about seeking treatment, and apprehension about receiving it. What will Dr. Puig need to do to repair the problem? How long will it take? What will she use for the filling? Although the thought of getting a filling might be intimidating, […]

Having Straight Teeth Is More than Having a Beautiful Smile.

The benefits of straight teeth and beautiful smile are many – when you’re confident in your smile, you’ll use it a lot more, and that will help you seem confident and likable, and people will respond to you in kind. But the benefits of straight, well-aligned teeth don’t stop at how they look. There is […]

Hello, World! Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to our brand new Dynamic Smile Design blog! Here we’ll share and discuss with you facts and tips concerning cosmetic, restorative, and preventative dentistry, as well as general oral and overall health. We want to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful, confident smile that you’re happy with, and to that end we’ll try […]