Treatment Options for Full Mouth Reconstruction

by | Jan 19, 2023

What happens when a patient wants a full mouth reconstruction procedure? Because it is an extensive dental procedure that involves a variety of cosmetic and restorative treatments, you can’t schedule a full mouth reconstruction in a single appointment. The procedure is part of an approved and recommended course of treatments suggested by Dr. Patel after examination and assessment of your oral health and medical history. During a first appointment, Dr. Patel will consider the most suitable procedures to improve your full mouth health, preserve your overall health, restore your smile strength and appearance, and protect essential mouth-related functions. As a result, each full mouth reconstruction procedure is customized to the individual needs of the patient.


At Dynamic Smile Design, Dr. Patel and her expert team develop a plan that follows the findings of the initial examination, your medical history, and the most relevant X-rays. Therefore, it is fair to say that the full mouth reconstruction treatment options you will receive are specifically recommended and selected because they are the best solution for your situation. As such, we can’t emphasize enough the risks of choosing a standard, one-size-fits-all full mouth reconstruction strategy that has not been designed to meet your health needs.

A full mouth reconstruction is one of the recommended procedures for patients with several dental concerns. That way, these concerns can be targeted as part of a full dental health improvement strategy. Therefore, the recommended FMR treatments will focus some or all of the following oral health issues:

  • Gum disease or other gum-related complaints,
  • Tooth loss prevention and correction, or loose teeth issues,
  • Tooth decay or infection around the tooth or gum area,
  • Other damages related to tooth health, such as broken teeth, etc.

The purpose of the full mouth reconstruction is to restore mouth health and limit the risk of oral health affecting the rest of the body and its function. Consequently, treatment options will focus on restoring chewing ability and speaking ability, which can be affected by tooth loss and gum diseases, for instance. Dr. Patel will also select treatments that can correct and reduce the risk of infection, bone loss, jaw bone structure, tooth loss, and gum recession.


Each full mouth reconstruction procedure is designed specifically for the unique needs of each patient. However, at Dynamic Smile Design, we have found that some treatments are more frequently used than others. Here is for your consideration, a list of some of the most common full mouth reconstruction treatments. We would also like to emphasize that the list is non-exhaustive. Depending on your oral health, your situation, and your requirements, Dr. Patel, may suggest additional or different procedures.

Reducing infection risks

Treating infection around the teeth or gum area is an essential treatment for the reconstruction procedure. An infected tooth, for instance, could increase tooth loss risk. Similarly, infection in the gum tissue weakens its structure and puts your teeth at risk too. Another worry about contamination is that it can spread to your bloodstream to neighboring teeth or gum tissue. Local spreading of the infection will aggravate your oral health. More importantly, once the infection is in your blood, it could reach your heart and lead to heart health conditions.

To reduce infection risks, Dr. Patel can recommend different treatments. An infected tooth, for example, can be treated in many ways. Root canal therapy is a preferred approach to deal with damaged tooth pulp. For cavities, tooth colored fillings can offer a secure and safe solution to reduce risks. For small crevices, dental sealants can prevent bacterial build-up and decay. Laser dentistry treatment is another effective solution that Dr. Patel provides patients at Dynamic Smile Design to reduce infection. The laser technology offers a non-invasive method to treat dental and gum issues without cutting and stitching. Therefore, patients can heal faster, with less opportunity for an infection to appear.

Removing gaps

Gaps can weaken your gums and teeth. They also present an opportunity for bacterial build-up. Inlays and onlays play an active role in the replacement of large fillings or a crown alternative. Dental crowns can also help repair broken or damaged teeth, reducing small gaps in dental health. They can restore the full function of a tooth. For more significant gaps, Dr. Patel provides a replacement with a dental implant, which can fill a single gap, bridge support, or restore more than one tooth. Dental implants look natural and prevent further bone loss.

Correcting alignment

Misaligned teeth or jaw can affect your mouth health and put your health at risk. Our team is happy to recommend oral appliances to prevent grinding movements that can lead to tooth erosion. We also deliver orthodontic alignment treatments, using the Invisalign clear aligner solutions.

Improving smile appearance

Last but not least, full mouth reconstruction treatments can also improve the appearance of your smile, making the reconstruction process virtually unnoticeable. We provide veneer and cosmetic bonding solutions to regain your full smile. These cosmetic treatments also protect the teeth from further damage and create a uniform oral health structure.


As a leader in both general and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Patel is ideally trained and experienced for a full mouth reconstruction procedure. Dr. Patel puts the comfort and well-being of her patients first throughout the process. Because we appreciate that a full mouth reconstruction treatment can be long and involved, we also offer dedicated sedation dentistry to help patients deal with anxiety before and during the procedure.

You can rest assured that Dr. Patel will recommend the most suitable treatments for your unique situation, considering your oral health and your comfort, medical history, and dental stress. Reach out to our team to find out which full mouth reconstruction treatments are available for you, and when you can expect from the procedure.