What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

by | Jan 19, 2023

In theory, a full mouth reconstruction is a process that enables a dentist to restore the health of your mouth, teeth, and gum for the best possible maintenance of its functions. The process is sometimes referred to as FMR, Full Mouth Reconstruction, for short. The first thing that patients should know when they are recommended FMR is that it is a long and involved process that requires several procedures.

A full mouth reconstruction procedure serves multiple purposes. The dentist’s priority is to prevent further medical complaints and correct existing issues in the mouth to avoid health and function complications. In other words, the reconstruction process has a practical benefit. However, there may be other benefits to an FMR, such as aesthetic improvements. Our team at Dynamic Smile Design, along with Dr. Patel, our cosmetic and restorative dentist, is experienced in extensive dental rehabilitation. We believe that every patient should understand the extent of FMR and what to expect from their dentist during the procedure.


The first question that you may want to ask if you’re not familiar with the full mouth reconstruction procedure is whether you are a suitable candidate. As one of the most complex and involved dental procedures, it is fair to say that an FMR is not ideal for every patient. Indeed, patients who have ‘single’ and isolated dental complaints, such as cavity on one tooth or regular maintenance treatments are unlikely to benefit from a full mouth reconstruction. Indeed, you may find yourself scheduling frequent appointments to our dentist for unrelated issues, such as deep cleaning, teeth whitening, cavity check and repair on a tooth, etc. If the procedures are part of a checkup routine and not associated with extensive mouth health damage, your dentist is likely to discourage you from a full mouth reconstruction process.

An FMR is better suited for patients with multiple oral issues that are causing severe mouth health damage. The dental and gum complaints could be the result of one event, such as a devastating accident, or they could also have evolved from intersecting mouth health conditions. As such, while every patient is different, candidates for a full mouth reconstruction have typically considerable oral damage in common that affect their health and essential functions:

  • Accident or injury causing the loss of several teeth, damage to the gum and jaw, etc.
  • Teeth are worn down through the erosion process, interfering with communication, and eating functions. The phenomenon also increases the risk of tooth and bone loss.
  • The patient has jaw complaints caused by pain or misalignment, which affects the teeth and gums. It can be corrected or addressed with an FMR procedure.
  • Severe gum disease deteriorates teeth health, jaw and gum health, and can threaten to spread further.

Due to the nature of the procedure, a full mouth reconstruction is never a single treatment. It is an investment that patients make for their health, which can take several months to be completed. Dr. Patel is very experienced with restorative and cosmetic dentistry, assesses each patient’s mouth health and medical history before recommending the most suitable FMR procedure plan to correct their issues.


A full mouth reconstruction is a procedure that can preserve your health and give you a beautiful smile. In our Dynamic Smile Design office in Orlando, FL, we are committed to combining the cosmetic elements with oral health to give our patients a result that looks and feels good.

Dr. Patel is adamant that a full mouth reconstruction goes beyond rebuilding a smile you can be proud of. The health aspect of the procedure can be life-changing. If you are experiencing decay on one of your teeth to the extent where the tooth can’t be restored, a dentist will need to remove it. The process is necessary to prevent the infection from spreading to your bloodstream and affecting neighboring teeth. Additionally, once in your blood, the infection could also reach your heart, causing serious heart conditions. However, once the tooth is missing, it needs to be replaced. A missing tooth can weaken the bone structure in the jaw, which can lead to further tooth loss. It will also interfere with your speech and your ability to eat. Besides, failure to replace teeth can make you more vulnerable to arthritis and heart disease. In other words, we believe it is essential for patients to measure the benefits of a full mouth reconstruction beyond the realm of aesthetics.


We, at Dynamic Smile Design, discuss the procedure extensively with each patient. We appreciate that it is a long-term process that requires several appointments. Therefore, our dentist, Dr. Patel, starts with a complete assessment of your oral health before recommending the best source of action.

Every patient is different. There is one-size-fits-all when it comes to full mouth reconstruction services. Patients can receive a variety of treatments, such as dental implants, gum lifting, orthodontic treatment, fillings, etc. These treatments can involve surgical interventions. Dr. Patel also stays on top of technological advances to provide quick and effective procedures that reduce discomfort as much as possible. Whenever possible, we offer laser dentistry treatment, a non-invasive procedure that decreases infection risks and healing time.

Depending on your requirements, cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth straightening or porcelain veneers, could also be part of your full mouth reconstruction.


With over 20 years of experience in dentistry, Dr. Patel is a respected leader in general and cosmetic dentistry. Her abilities are recognized by peers and patients, making her an ideal choice for a full mouth reconstruction procedure. Dr. Patel also won the only Gold Medal for the category of Four or More Porcelain restoration at the Annual Smile Showdown Competition. She was also selected for the Members’ Choice Award in the same category.

At Dynamic Smile Design, we also take additional measures to support our most anxious patients. All procedures are available as part of a sedation dentistry service.

To find out how a full mouth reconstruction can help you, don’t hesitate to request your appointment with Dr. Patel in Orlando, FL. Alternatively, you can also call our office, 407 545 6819, to discuss your situation. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!