Why You Should Get a Smile Makeover in Orlando

by | Jan 19, 2023

If it’s true that a simple smile can boost your immune system, relieve stress, make you more attractive, and create a spurt of happiness from the people who meet you, clearly, your smile is very important! And when you look at pictures of yourself or others look at pictures of you, what face are you making in those pictures? You’re probably smiling. The fact of the matter is that your smile can have everything to do with how you influence the people around you.

That’s why here at Dynamic Smile Design, it is our goal to make people feel more confident and happy with their smiles! Honestly, seeing you happy makes us happy. When you come to our office we have no doubt that you will feel welcomed and loved, and you will find that we can meet nearly all of your cosmetic and restorative dentistry needs!


Teeth whitening: Do you wish your teeth were whiter? We can help!

Cosmetic bonding: For patients who have chips or cracks in their teeth, cosmetic bonding is a temporary, quick fix to restore the proper shape or color of teeth.

Porcelain veneers: Like cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers can repair a variety of issues. Unlike cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers are a more permanent solution that can last more than ten years.

Invisalign: Want to straighten your teeth without getting braces? Invisalign aligners are invisible and can put your teeth in line!


Tooth-colored fillings: These fillings repair small imperfections or cavities in your teeth.

Inlays and onlays: Where an filling isn’t quite enough to fix a tooth, an inlay or an onlay can do the job perfectly.

Dentures: Whether your missing all your teeth or many of them, dentures can restore your chewing, smiling and speaking abilities.

Fixed bridges: If you’re missing a tooth or a series of teeth, a bridge holds the surrounding teeth in place so they don’t shift around the gap.

Gold restorations: Primarily for back molars on sensitive patients, gold restorations also restore chewing abilities and fix other imperfections.

Dental implants: If you have a tooth too far gone to recover, or if you’re missing a tooth, a dental implant can seamlessly replace that tooth with an artificial one that matches your smile.

Our certified cosmetic dentist, Dr. Patel, is among the best dentists in the world. Her degree from the prestigious Tufts University School of Medicine and her 20 years of experience in her field testify of her expertise. With her meticulous attention to detail combined with the leading-edge procedures and technology she uses, she truly is an industry leader in cosmetic dentistry. You will find that she is also a very caring person who delights to serve her patients. Once you’ve had one smile makeover with her, you will know where you want to come for all of your cosmetic and restorative treatments!

No matter if you’re a new patient or an existing patient, we encourage you to schedule a consultation today to find out what Dr. Patel can do for you! We look forward to helping you anyway we can!