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Cosmetic Dental Implants in Orlando

We at Dynamic Smile Design have seen the difference cosmetic dental implants can make to our patients' lives. To find out more about dental implants, and the numerous benefits they can provide to you, please read on.

What are dental implants?

Cosmetic Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most common ways of replacing broken, damaged, or lost teeth.

There are three components of each implant. The first is the base titanium screw; this is surgically secured to the jaw bone and will, in time, bond to the jawbone itself - a process that is known as osseointegration. The second is a crown, which is designed to resemble a natural tooth, can then be secured to the titanium base using an abutment (sometimes referred to as the connector). The crown is the only part of the structure that is visible and blends seamlessly with natural teeth.

Unlike conventional removable dentures, dental implants are permanent. They do not need to be removed and cleaned each day; instead, thanks to osseointegration, they remain firmly in place at all times.

What esthetic improvements can dental implants provide?

The jawbone relies on continual stimulation from teeth in order to regenerate and grow. Without this important stimulation, the bone can begin to deteriorate and result in sometimes significant bone loss. As this bone loss continues, the shape of the face begins to noticeably change: the face can become "sunken" in appearance, especially around the cheeks and lips. Not only is this problematic with regard to facial esthetics in and of itself, but it can also cause the skin to appear to be more wrinkled, or even sagging. Which, as a consequence, can create a more aged appearance.

With conventional dentures, bone loss can actually be exacerbated; rather than addressing the issue. However, the opposite is true with implants. Implants are designed to replicate the function of natural teeth and can therefore provide the stimulation that the jaw bone requires in order to effectively regenerate, and bone loss is therefore prevented.

In addition, wearing implants means that the facial structure is better supported and that the jaw is more naturally aligned. The "sunken" appearance is completely resolved, resorting in a more youthful appearance.

What are the other benefits of dental implants?

Greater comfort

Traditional dentures are not fixed into place; they are designed to be removed and reinserted each day. This lack of security can mean that dentures move or cause irritation to the mouth and gums over the course of the day, which can make them uncomfortable to wear. This is a problem that can become particularly pronounced if worn for long periods of time. Implants, however, do not experience these issues; they are permanent fixtures, bonded to the jaw, so they are consistently secure in their place.

Preservation of gum tissue

The loss of teeth can result in deterioration of the jaw bone, as we discussed above, but other issues can also become problematic, such as a reduction in gum tissue. When this happens, it can become more difficult to chew or speak. Dental implants address this directly, protecting against a loss of gum tissue.

A "natural" feel

Dental implants are the closest substitute to natural teeth that is currently available due to their design; rather than being placed in the mouth (as is the case with dentures) and fixed into place with an adhesive, implants are integrated directly into the jaw. For wearers, this means that the "feel" of wearing implants is very natural compared to natural teeth.

Ease of eating

With conventional dentures, eating becomes unnecessarily problematic - patients often learn to avoid certain foods that can cause their dentures to slip, for example. Dental implants, however, are incredibly strong, so you can bite and eat as you would with natural teeth.

Excellent durability

Dental implants offer a robustness, strength and durability that conventional dentures cannot provide, which means they can be considered a genuine long-term solution to tooth loss. What's more, unlike natural teeth, implants cannot develop cavities. With the right routine and maintenance (a process that is no more arduous than is generally required when caring for natural teeth) a dental implant is capable of lasting for the rest of your life.

Practical and esthetic, choosing cosmetic dental implants will contribute to self-confidence and well-being. Contact us today for a consultation.

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Protection of existing teeth

Many types of traditional tooth replacement can affect natural teeth, either because the teeth need to be ground down, or because existing teeth are required to support the replacement structure. The strain that existing teeth experience can eventually cause significant weakening, potentially to the point that they are lost; a problem that dental implants can prevent. Dental implants, after all, are entirely self-supporting. They are anchored to the bone, and require no assistance from natural teeth in order to remain securely in place.

Improved oral health

Dental implants are very easy to care for, and can actually make maintaining oral hygiene very straightforward. Implants can allow you to clean or floss between the teeth, making it easier to reduce the buildup of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Suitable for multiple circumstances

Dental implants can replace a single tooth or, if necessary, multiple teeth. The treatment is highly customizable and is therefore suitable for a wide range of individuals.

Enhanced self confidence

All of the benefits that dental implants can provide, ranging from improved facial esthetics to the ability to eat the foods they love and feel comfortable when speaking, are greatly advantageous to self confidence and overall well-being.

Who are dental implants suitable for?

Generally, dental implants are suitable for anyone who is in good health, has healthy gums, is committed to good oral hygiene, and who has sufficient bone in the jaw; the latter being important due to the design of dental implants and how they anchor into the jaw. If there is not enough bone, then a bone graft can be considered; to rebuild the jaw so that an implant can then be used.

In conclusion

As we have seen, cosmetic dental implants can make a significant difference to your life, offering benefits that range from the practical to the esthetic, making them a great choice for anyone seeking a long-lasting solution for missing or broken teeth.

Think cosmetic dental implants could improve your smile? Call our office or use this form to request consultation with Dr. Puig.

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