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The vast majority of all tooth decay begins on the chewing surfaces of the molars. These surfaces can be difficult or even impossible to clean adequately, because each one is covered in pits and fissures where food and bacteria can become trapped.

This is especially a problem for children whose brushing habits are not yet well established, but adults often suffer from the effects of decay on their molars. One of the best ways to prevent this decay is with dental sealants, which can be quickly and easily applied during an appointment at our exceptional dental office in Orlando.


Dental sealants are used for both baby and adult teeth. Candidates can be:

  • Children who still have their baby teeth
  • Pre-teens and teens who are getting their adult teeth
  • Adults who want to protect their teeth

When you request sealants for yourself or your child, your teeth will first be examined for decay and any cavities addressed. Next, the surfaces to be treated will be cleaned and prepared, using a mildly acidic compound to etch the surface so that the sealant will be able to attach firmly. After another round of rinsing and drying, the liquid sealant is painted onto the teeth, then hardened with a curing light. The entire process generally takes between five and forty-five minutes, depending on the number of teeth to be sealed.


Dental sealants applied to the surfaces of molars have several benefits, including:

  • Helping to seal the teeth against food and bacteria.
  • Filling pits and fissures of the chewing surface, creating a new, smoother surface which is easier to clean.
  • Lasting for up to 10 years as an extremely effective defense against decay.

While dental sealants are a helpful tool, they are no substitute for brushing and flossing or regular dental cleanings. Preventive dental care is the most important factor in keeping your teeth healthy.

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