Full Mouth Reconstruction

You may have extensive dental impairments from illness or injury that cannot be fixed over a few appointments. Instead, due to severe levels of harm to your gums and teeth, you may need a full-mouth reconstruction. At Dynamic Smile Design, Dr. Patel and her expert team can provide this solution for you and ensure that you have a beautiful smile once more.


A full mouth reconstruction will be suitable for patients who have a variety of intersecting issues. This could include loss of bone or injuries, infections, and damaged or decayed teeth. When there are problems like this, our team will work to ensure that your smile can be rebuilt, and your oral health is preserved.

A full mouth reconstruction will always differ depending on the individual and the current state of their oral health. However, it will always be more than a single procedure. Dr. Patel will provide a complete assessment and recommend the potential procedures that you may require.

As well as the findings of the initial examination, the steps for a full mouth reconstruction will also be dependent on your priorities. During the first visit, our team will examine your teeth and discuss any concerns. We will then check any relevant medical history and take X-rays to ensure that there is a plan in place. All the information gathered will be used to create a full treatment plan, and we will always discuss your needs with you.

The length of the treatment plan also depends on how many procedures are required. For some patients, the full mouth reconstruction can be completed in a few visits. In other cases, it may be necessary to provide treatment over several months to allow sufficient healing between steps in the plan.

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If you have an issue with tooth decay or missing teeth, it can have a significant impact on every aspect of your health. Patients need to be aware that this is not just an aesthetic issue. It can extend far beyond this, causing problems with your ability to eat and may impact your speech.

If teeth remain missing for a significant period, bone and gum will wear away over time. This will cause you to lose the natural shape of your mouth, and it may also lead to the loss of further teeth. Various studies have also suggested that tooth loss may also be linked to severe health problems, including arthritis and heart disease. As such, leaving tooth loss untreated could lead to health issues that will impact you for the rest of your life.


  • FILLINGS – Fillings may be necessary if you have a new cavity that needs to be filled or if you have old fillings that have begun to cause an impact on your teeth. In other cases, old fillings may have come out or cracked. One of the first signs you need a filling will be a tooth that is painful or causing you discomfort.
  • CROWNS -A damaged tooth can cause issues with both the function and the appearance of your smile. If this is causing you difficulty, a crown will be the best solution. Usually, a crown can be placed in just two appointments and will cause limited to no disruption to the rest of your oral health.
  • INLAYS OR ONLAYS – Inlays and onlays will be necessary where there are large fillings that need to be replaced. They can be an alternative to a full crown and will restore a surface that is used for chewing. They will be appropriate if the cusp of the tooth is broken or cracked. Alternatively, there could be a large cavity that must be filled. This is a more affordable solution than a crown and provides a natural structure.
  • FULL OR PARTIAL DENTURES – Full or partial dentures are designed to be temporary solutions that fill gaps in your teeth. Though easy to fit, they will need to be removed for maintenance. You may also find that you can not consume all the foods that you are accustomed to. Many patients find that dentures do move around during eating and speech.
  • DENTAL IMPLANTS – Dental implants are one of the most advanced options for replacing a lost tooth or teeth. The implants fuse directly to the jawbone. While the treatment takes longer than dentures or a dental bridge, it will ensure that the health of the jawbone is protected. This also guarantees that they are a permanent solution, and with the right level of maintenance, they may last a lifetime. While more costly, many patients believe that these provide more excellent value compared with other options. Dental implants can also resemble natural teeth. As such, even your closest friends and family will be unaware that you have received replacements for lost or damaged teeth.
  • ORTHODONTICS SUCH AS INVISALIGN – Dr. Patel may recommend that you also receive orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment may be necessary to close gaps in your teeth and ensure that there are no pockets where tar and bacteria can develop. Solutions such as Invisalign are available to patients and completely discreet. It is unlikely that anyone will be aware you are using a solution like this. Orthodontic treatment may need to be completed over several months to restore your natural smile fully. This will often be necessary if teeth have been missing for an extended period.
  • ORAL APPLIANCES – Oral appliances may also be used to correct issues with bite and other placement problems. This could include the use of retainers or similar products that are often worn on a set schedule.


To begin the process, you will first need to schedule an appointment with our team. At this time, Dr. Patel will provide a complete examination to determine the current state of your oral health. Many patients have anxiety about taking the first step. Rest assured, we will work to alleviate any concerns and ensure that all your questions are answered.

Have questions about full mouth reconstruction? Contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Patel. You deserve to smile again!

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