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Gold Dental Restorations in Orlando

In addition to tooth-colored fillings and all-porcelain crowns, Dr. Puig offers gold restorations. Gold is one of the oldest restoration materials in dentistry, because its low reactivity, high durability, and gentleness on opposite teeth make it an excellent choice.

Gold Restorations

Candidates for gold restorations

A gold restoration may be the right choice for you if:

Gold restorations are actually created from an alloy with platinum or other stronger metals to increase strength and durability. The crown is cast and refined to fit perfectly, then bonded in place using a special glass ionomer cement.

Benefits of gold restorations

There are several benefits of gold restorations over porcelain crowns. 

Dr. Puig offers gold fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns. Contact us today to learn which choice is right for you!

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While gold offers many advantages as a material for dental restorations, it isn't perfect. Like other metals, gold conducts heat efficiently and may contribute to tooth sensitivity to temperature changes. Gold is also not tooth-colored, so it is rarely desirable for use in visible restorations. For back molars when there is concern about surrounding teeth, however, gold is still one of the most popular restoration materials.

Think a gold restoration might be best for your smile? Call our office or use this form to request a complimentary consultation with Dr. Puig. 

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