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Cosmetic Gum Lifts in Orlando

Gum Lifts Smile by Dr. Puig

Beautiful teeth aren't enough if they're obscured by uneven gums. Schedule your cosmetic gum lift today!

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Occasionally when patients are unsatisfied with their smiles, the teeth themselves aren't the problem; the problem is thick or overgrown gums that make the teeth appear shorter than they really are, or that alter the shape of teeth to make them seem crooked. In these cases, Orlando cosmetic dentist Dr. Elena C. Puig can perform a gum lift, also called gum contouring or crown lengthening. This method uses a safe, effective soft tissue laser, and the treatment is available in our Orlando dental office. 

Candidates for a gum lift

Gum lifts are ideal for patients who:

Dr. Puig favors the least invasive dental procedures available for patient care because they generally result in less discomfort for the patient and a faster healing time. Soft-tissue laser technology allows her to comfortably and efficiently perform a variety of dental procedures in a patient friendly way.

Benefits of gum recontouring

Gum contouring or gum lifts can improve your smile in the following ways:

With Dr. Puig handling the laser, you are in the best possible hands for your gum lift procedure. 

If you have any questions about gum contouring or soft tissue laser use, don’t hesitate to Contact us and ask for a consultation with Dr. Puig.

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