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Full-Mouth Rehabilitation in Orlando

Mouth Rehab

For those suffering from massive tooth damage due to decay, disease, or trauma, full mouth rehabilitation can create a lasting smile that restores self-confidence, boosts self-esteem, brings back facial feature fullness, and establishes full functionality.

While many dental problems can be resolved in only one visit or just a few, if the harm to your teeth, gums, and jaw is extensive, you will likely need full mouth rehabilitation, also known as full mouth reconstruction. This doesn’t refer to any single procedure, but is a combination of treatments with a functional, brilliant smile as the end goal.

Candidates for Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Patients who are candidates for full mouth rehabilitation may have any or all of the following:

Without dental restoration, additional health issues can occur such as lack of proper nutrition, higher risk for diabetes and heart conditions, a misaligned bite leading to jaw pain and migraines, and other issues.  

If your smile is extensively damaged, you may need more than one or two procedures to correct it. Come to Dynamic Smile Design, and let Dr. Puig plan a course of treatment to meet your smile goals!

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What to Expect from Full Mouth Reconstruction

Rehabilitation is a process that must be tailored to address your individual needs and the problems you are experiencing. When you visit our dental office in Orlando, cosmetic dentist Dr. Puig will personally examine your teeth and gums, evaluate bone health, and assess your occlusion (the way your upper and lower teeth fit together). We will take x-rays, photos of the inside and outside of your mouth, and possibly prescribe a Panorex or full-mouth x-ray. These images will provide us with detailed information to create your full mouth rehabilitation plan.

You'll have a chance to tell Dr. Puig any problems you have been experiencing, and we will ask you about any pain and about what you want from your dental treatment. Throughout this process, your comfort is our first concern; if dental treatment makes you nervous, we will provide you with options to put you at ease and try to accommodate any requests pertaining to your treatment.

Once you have received your exam, Dr. Puig will present a plan to restore your teeth to optimal health. She will address any concerns and will explain her recommendations, your options, and the time and financial commitment involved. With creative scheduling and financing, as well as options for anesthesia and sedation, you can soon be on your way to enjoying the healthy, comfortable, beautiful smile you deserve.

Dr. Puig may recommend any of the following as part of your rehabilitation plan:

As needed, Dr. Puig may refer you to a trusted specialist for specific care. Our ultimate goal is to give you a smile you will love, then help you maintain it for life.

Have questions about full mouth reconstruction? Contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Puig. You deserve to smile again!

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