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At Dynamic Smile Design, Dr. Patel and her team offer a wide range of dental services to help you keep your mouth healthy and ensure that your teeth look their absolute best. From cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve the smile of your dreams, through preventive dental care to maintain your oral health, Dr. Patel can help with all of your dental needs.

At Dynamic Smile Design, we understand the critical part that oral health plays in your overall health and wellbeing. For this reason, we offer Oral Appliance Therapy among our extensive range of dental services.


Oral Appliance Therapy is used to treat several sleep-related conditions that impact a patient’s overall wellbeing. Oral Appliance Therapy refers to a dental appliance that is worn inside a patient’s mouth, usually at night, to help alleviate sleep-related conditions. Oral Appliance Therapy can benefit patients that experience the following conditions at night:

  • Snoring
  • Bruxism – also known as teeth grinding
  • Temporomandibular joint issues – also known as TMJ issues

The type of dental appliance used in Oral Appliance Therapy differs for each condition and is specially designed to treat the specific issue experienced by the patient. Addressing issues such as teeth grinding, TMJ, and snoring with Oral Appliance Therapy provides an effective treatment for these relatively common conditions.

Dr. Patel works with her patients to develop Oral Appliance Therapy devices that are best suited to their needs using both her vast dentistry experience and the latest cutting edge technology. Dr. Patel and the team here at Dynamic Smile Design offer snore guards, night guards, and TMJ appliances to address your nighttime concerns.

Snore Guards

If you have been told that you snore at night, then you certainly are not alone. Snoring is extremely common and something that many of us experience at some time in our lives. Many patients try to make the lifestyle changes recommended to help lessen snoring, such as sleeping on their sides rather than their backs and reducing their alcohol intake. However, in many cases, this alone isn’t enough to stop snoring, which is why patients turn to Oral Appliance Therapy to help solve their persistent snoring. The Oral Appliance used to alleviate snoring is a snore guard.

Wearing a snore guard is beneficial as it helps to counteract the causes of snoring, which occur when your mouth, throat, and tongue relax. The snore guard helps to keep your airways clear and open, by addressing the causes of snoring, such as stopping your tongue from falling toward the back of the mouth and blocking the airway and pushing your jaw forward a little.

If you are looking for ways to alleviate your snoring, and are interested in trying a snore guard, Dr. Patel can help. Dr. Patel will take the time to listen to your concerns and recommend the best option for your snore guard. Based on Dr.Patel’s recommendations, a custom snore guard can then be created to provide you with the most effective results. Having a custom snore guard custom made for your individual needs will ensure that the snore guard is both comfortable for you to wear at night, and achieves the most favorable results

Night Guards

Do you wake up in the morning feeling tense and with lacerations inside your mouth? If so, the chances are that you have been grinding your teeth throughout the night. Teeth grinding is also known as Bruxism, and is something that many people do at night without even being aware. Regularly grinding your teeth can have a negative impact on your oral health and can cause damage to the teeth.

Bruxism can cause patients to experience broken or worn down teeth, jaw discomfort, and headaches. Some patients grind their teeth and clench their jaw each night, while others may only do it during times of stress and tension in their lives. Stopping yourself from grinding your teeth is pretty much impossible to achieve without some extra help. As many patients are completely unaware that they grind their teeth at night, it makes sense to use Oral Appliance Therapy, such as a night guard to address Bruxism.

When you visit us at Dynamic Smile Design for your consultation, we will examine your mouth and will discuss with you the most suitable options for a night guard. To be effective, a night guard needs to be high quality and also comfortable to wear. Our custom-made night guards will offer you both quality and comfort. You will be able to wear them over and over again to protect your teeth from damage caused by teeth grinding during the night.

TMJ Appliances

You may never have heard of your temporomandibular joints before. But, you may be familiar with the discomfort that can be caused by issues with your temporomandibular joints. Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the joints that attach your lower jaw to your skull. Each time that you swallow, speak, or chew, you use your temporomandibular joints.

Temporomandibular joint issues can occur for a number of reasons. Experiencing stress, clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth, and injuries to your jaw, can all lead to TMJ issues. If you are experiencing issues with your temporomandibular joints, then Dr. Patel can help. TMJ appliances are the recommended treatment for TMJ issues. The team here at Dynamic Smile Design will be able to advise you whether a TMJ appliance will be helpful to alleviate the issues that you are experiencing. TMJ appliances work by preventing you from tensing your jaw and grinding your teeth. The appliance is designed to help decompress the muscles, which addresses the direct cause of your TMJ issues.

Have you been experiencing nighttime conditions such as TMJ, snoring, or teeth grinding? If you are interested in finding out more about Oral Appliance Therapy and how it can benefit you, then get in touch with Dr. Patel and the friendly team here at Dynamic Smile Design to book your consultation and to find out more. Contact us today!