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Dentistry Services in Orlando

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Our one-of-a-kind Orlando dental practice offers nearly everything that might be required to rejuvenate your smile. We believe in creating smiles that are both functional and beautiful, so bring us your dreams and we can make them happen.

Every smile is unique, and so is every patient. We specialize in tailoring dental treatments and oral health plans to keep you smiling for years to come! We offer the following services to give you the look you've always hoped for and the health you deserve.

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Preventive Dentistry

The best way to avoid costly and uncomfortable dental procedures is to prevent tooth decay and gum disease before they start. Dr. Puig and our team will work with you to create an oral health plan that combines gum health with regular dental appointments and an at-home regimen that prevents plaque buildup.

  • Preventive Exams. Your regular dental exam is designed to draw attention to potential areas of concern by catching any signs of dental disease and decay early, before they become a serious problem.
  • Dental Cleanings. Preventive cleanings on a regular schedule remove plaque and tartar, reveal the weak spots in your at-home routine, and prevent cavities or gum disease from festering unnoticed.
  • Dental Sealants. Dental sealants aren't just for kids. They can easily be applied to adult teeth, providing an extra layer of protection in addition to brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings.
  • Periodontal Therapy. Gum disease affects 2 out of 3 Americans at some point in their lifetime. Periodontal therapy often prevents the disease from worsening, with the goal of helping you keep your teeth for a lifetime.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings. A quick check for oral cancer during your preventive exam can be performed using the latest technology. Most oral cancer, if caught early, can be swiftly and successfully treated, so make sure you are checked regularly.
  • Mouthguards. If you experience bruxism (grinding your teeth in your sleep) or play any sort of sport with a risk of facial or mouth injury, customized mouthguards can offer extra protection and prevent damage to your teeth and mouth.

From simple preventive exams to dental implants, Dynamic Smile Design offers a full range of services to maintain and improve your smile! See a list here.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental procedures can take your smile up a notch or much more, turning a good smile into a truly exceptional one. Dr. Puig is proud to offer:

  • Teeth Whitening. Sometimes all your teeth need is a little extra sparkle. Tooth whitening can completely change your smile simply by brightening it, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem with an easy, non-invasive procedure.
  • Porcelain Veneers. When teeth are functional but their appearance is slightly flawed, veneers can correct mild to moderate issues including gapped or crowded teeth; stains, cracks or chips; or teeth that look too short or too long. It's a quick way to achieve a straight, even, glowing smile.
  • Cosmetic Bonding. When a patient needs a quick, natural looking fix to a chipped or broken tooth, bonding can restore function and appearance while plans are being made for a more permanent solution.
  • Invisalign. Braces aren't always made of metal, and they aren't just for kids. Adults can achieve straighter, more perfectly aligned teeth with Invisalign clear aligners, which work gently to deliver amazing smiles in a matter of months.

Restorative Dentistry

When teeth are lost completely, replacing them isn't just about appearances. Every tooth lost weakens the whole arch, and without teeth securely anchored in the bone of the jaw, bone loss will also occur. More teeth will loosen, drifting into gaps and eventually being lost as well. Restorative dentistry works to restore integrity to a weakened arch, and provide a corrected bite for the sake of function as well as a brilliant smile. 

  • Tooth Colored Fillings. In the past, metal fillings were the norm. Over time, these fillings can expand, contract, and even crack, all while darkening your teeth. In contrast, we use a natural colored composite resin to fill cavities and replace old metal fillings.
  • Inlays and Onlays. When damage to a tooth compromises one or more cusps or extends down the side of a tooth, but isn't significant enough to require a crown, inlays and onlays can restore the surface of your tooth discreetly and naturally.
  • All Porcelain Crowns. Teeth in need of a restored chewing surface can benefit from customized crowns made of durable, tooth colored porcelain for strength and a natural shine.
  • Fixed Bridges. Bridges that span gaps between teeth can be created and topped with pontics – replacement teeth that look and feel natural. The bridge is then fixed in the mouth for a long-lasting restoration.
  • Dentures and Partials. Removable replacement teeth can be affixed to a full or partial denture, restoring the arch of teeth and providing a way for the patient to eat, speak, and smile normally.

Dental Implants

When a tooth is lost to disease, decay, or trauma, you can replace it with a facsimile that not only looks like a real tooth – it functions like one and can last you the rest of your life. Dr. Puig's experience in placing dental implants can restore your smile and create a solid foundation for multiple restoration possibilities.

Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers have changed the face of dentistry, allowing gums to be safely treated and shaped without invasive surgery. This quick soft tissue laser can reshape the appearance of your teeth with no need for incisions or stitches, and the recovery time afterward is days instead of weeks.

  • Gum Lifts. The revolutionary soft tissue laser can remove excess tissue along an uneven gum line, leaving your teeth perfectly framed by healthy tissue. The result is a smile that shines!

Sedation Dentistry

Far too many people experience dental anxiety. Dr. Puig believes in making every visit not only as physically comfortable as possible, but stress free. For some patients, sedation is the best way to achieve this goal. We offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation options. Our team and Dr. Puig are specifically trained in sedation delivery, and we are committed to making you feel comfortable and relaxed in every situation.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

When your teeth have suffered serious damage, Dr. Puig can create a treatment plan that will restore functionality and beauty to your smile. A variety of procedures can be combined to create a personalized solution that gives you back your smile – in many cases stronger and more beautiful than ever!

A relaxing atmosphere is only as good as the people who create it. You'll find our team eager to make you feel at home. They'll answer your questions and find out what you need to ease any stress you might experience. One of the most frequent compliments we receive is how courteous and service-oriented our team is.

Our amenities and patient comforts include:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Blankets and Neck Pillows
  • Bottled Water
  • Cookies
  • Headphones
  • Movies and Music
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Oral Sedation
  • Paraffin Hand Wax Treatments
  • Protein Shakes
  • Tea
  • Tinted Protective Eyewear
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