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In recent decades, the dental technologies that go into fillings has advanced by leaps and bounds, totally changing the way we repair damaged teeth. Whether you’re sick of the pain caused by your old fillings or hate to see the stained metal of traditional fillings in the back of your mouth, tooth-colored fillings may be a good solution to consider. Dr. Patel and the Dynamic Smile Design team have the skills and experience necessary to professionally install your tooth-colored fillings.


Fillings are a cosmetic and restorative dental procedure that repairs a tooth that has been damaged by decay. There is a wide range of different materials used in fillings, including metals, porcelain, and composite resin, which all have different properties, advantages, and disadvantages. No matter what material is used in the filling, the goal is the same, to fill the cavity and repair the structure of the tooth so you can chew without worry.

Tooth-colored fillings are a relatively recent advancement in the field, using resin that is stronger, more discreet, and overall better suited to the job than other traditional materials. They are a good solution for many different needs, whether you’re filling a large or small cavity for the first time, or replacing an old, damaged filling.


Before getting started on your own tooth-colored filling treatment, it’s important to understand whether you’re a good candidate for the process. Do any of the following apply to you?

  • You have a new cavity that needs a filling
  • Your old metal fillings are looking worn or stained
  • Your old fillings have been damaged or come out completely

Whether you have a new cavity that needs filling or worn fillings that need a replacement, it’s best to start the process as soon as possible. Quick treatment means preventing further harm to your teeth, which can save money in the long run.


Tooth-colored fillings work by the same basic principles as traditional metal fillings. Simply put, they plug up any cavities caused by tooth decay, preventing the decay from spreading further inside the tooth. However, there are a few specific benefits tooth-colored fillings offer that make them an even better choice than traditional methods.


The composite resin used in tooth-colored fillings doesn’t expand or contract over time in the way metal fillings can. This means they can last years longer without showing damage. Also, the composite resin bonds better with tooth enamel, meaning that your new fillings are much less likely to slip out.


Even when you open your mouth wide to laugh, tooth-colored fillings stay almost completely invisible. In addition, they wear down similarly to natural teeth, meaning they blend in with your smile, even after years.


Tooth-colored fillings can be used for all the same applications as traditional fillings, and in many cases are even more effective. They are generally better-suited for filling larger cavities and are non-irritating to gum tissues.


Unlike some traditional fillings, tooth-colored fillings don’t contain any mercury, so there’s no risk of staining your teeth and gums.


One of the major advantages of tooth-colored fillings is that they don’t conduct heat as easily as metal fillings. This helps protect your teeth from temperature fluctuations in your mouth, saving you from pain and sensitivity.


The composite resin used in tooth-colored fillings is cured with a chemical reaction. That means that pins, screws, and surgical procedures are not needed to set them fully, saving you time and discomfort.


Most tooth-colored filling treatments can be completed in less than an hour, including the initial consultation. There is very little pain, as our team uses a numbing gel and in some cases, local anesthesia to dull any sensations felt in your tooth, gums, or the surrounding area.

Once you are fully numbed, we will drill a small hole into the tooth, removing any areas affected by tooth decay and making room for the new filling. Next, we mix the composite resin to closely match the color of your tooth and apply it. Once it is fully applied, we use a specialized light that cures the resin, hardening it in a matter of seconds.

After the procedure is complete, you will be advised to not consume hot food and drink for several hours, and to avoid chewing on the side of the filling until the next day. If you are still feeling discomfort afterward, over-the-counter pain medications will be enough to help ease it. Complications and unexpected side effects are rare, though in these cases you can get in touch with us directly.


Tooth-colored fillings are designed to last for years as they resist chipping, expanding, or coming loose better than other materials. On average, you can expect your fillings to last 15 years without needing a replacement. However, this timeframe can vary depending on factors like the size of the cavity, dental habits, and whether you grind your teeth.

If you have noticed any damage to your fillings, it’s important to contact us as soon as possible. Repairing damaged fillings quickly is the best way to prevent further damage to your tooth.


Tooth-colored fillings make restorative dentistry more simple and effective than ever. They provide patients with a more durable, attractive, and pain-resistant smile than ever before. If you’re considering getting your own tooth-colored fillings, contact us. We’ll be sure to deliver expert care and professional results, leaving your smile looking seamless.


What Our Other Patients Are Saying

Tracey Harrison
Tracey Harrison
April 26, 2023
I love Dynamic Smile! Dr. Patel is awesome, so kind, so smart, compassionate and always goes the extra mile for her patients. Eileen, my hygienist is amazing! Everyone there, I feel so spoiled! Even my daughter said, “Wow! It’s like me Peds dentist who spoiled me with games and videos, did not even know they were working on my teeth! But on the adult side now! Love you all!
Ann Recatto
Ann Recatto
March 29, 2023
Dynamic Smile is the best! The entire team is amazing. I actually love going to the dentist.
Eric J
Eric J
March 28, 2023
I love the new folks there and their care, service, and attitude are the best ever! Tina gave me my best cleaning ever and Dr. Patel was kind and honest - she said lets watch a few things. Of course no visit could go unpunished a bit... floss more!!!
Emmanuel Diaz
Emmanuel Diaz
March 23, 2023
This is the best dentist I’ve ever been too. Everyone is super nice & Dr. Patel is awesome! They really care about you as a patient and treat you like family!!
Scott Mallwitz
Scott Mallwitz
March 21, 2023
Amazing practice - welcoming staff, skillful technicians and thoughtful, compassionate care. A wonderful experience.
Natalie Laing
Natalie Laing
March 15, 2023
Dr. Patel designed the most beautiful and realistic restorations for me. The entire staff is professional, patient and kind. They make sure you are comfortable during the entire procedure. They even created a Playlist of me favorite music for me to listen to during the procedure. Dr. Patel even put lipstick on me so I could be sure I was happy with my new smile. The whole procedure was a great experience from beginning to end. I'll be returning as a patient for the rest of my dental care.😍😍😍
Anthony Sims
Anthony Sims
March 10, 2023
Dr Patel and her staff are the best in the business! My Invisalign results are amazing!
Dr. Ruth D Edwards
Dr. Ruth D Edwards
February 28, 2023
DSD has taken care of my teeth for over 20 years, primarily Dr. Puig. Welcoming environment, customer oriented staff, skilled dental professionals. Looking forward to working with Dr. Patel.

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