Are you searching for a new dental practice that can cater to your needs? Take a tour of everything our offices can provide and discover why we could be the ideal choice for you.

As a new patient, you likely have a lot of requirements when selecting a dental practice. You need to make sure that you are choosing a practice that understands your needs completely. Perhaps you will be looking for a practice that can keep you in complete comfort or maybe you require a team with access to the latest advanced technology for the most complex and meticulous procedures. Or, maybe, you just want to be made welcome with a friendly atmosphere that helps you feel at home while you wait for your consultation. At Dynamic Smile Design, our aim is to ensure that we match all of these requirements and exceed any expectations that you may have.

Take a virtual tour of our office and discover what you can expect when you visit our team at Dynamic Smile Design.


When you step into our offices, you’ll be greeted by a friendly member of our team at the reception desk. They will treat you as a valued guest and ensure that any questions or queries you have are answered immediately. You’ll be shown to our deluxe waiting room where you can take a seat before your appointment. We have strived to create an environment that feels relaxing and uses elements of biophilic design as well as modern architecture.

Every member of our team is highly trained and will always put your needs as a top priority. If you have any concerns or you are feeling stressed they will endeavor to help you overcome these issues with the right solutions. We have various ways to make you feel more comfortable during your visit to our office.


Do you hate going to the dentist? You’re not alone. A lot of patients dread going to the dentist whether they are getting a checkup or arranging treatment they need. Our aim is to ensure that visiting Dynamic Smile Design feels like taking a trip to a spa.

We take a number of steps to ensure that this is the case. When you walk into our office, you’ll find that calming music is playing in the background. A friendly member of our team will offer you a cup of tea or something to drink while you wait. During our treatments, we do provide advanced options such as laughing gas. This helps keep you comfortable, even if you’re just joining us for a quick checkup.

We have snacks in the waiting room too and during treatment, we can provide you with headphones. A lot of our patients expressed that it was the sound of dental devices that put their teeth on edge. With advanced headphones, you can listen to your choice of music instead and we’ll let you know when the treatment is finished.

We provide eyewear to ensure that the lights above your head don’t bother you and we’ll even set up a movie for longer treatments.

Our expert team is always happy to go the extra mile for our patients too. At Dynamic Smile Design, we’ll welcome you into our practice as a guest and encourage you to request anything that you might need.


At Dynamic Smile Design, we understand the vital importance of using the latest technology to provide the right treatment and most advanced solutions to our patients. We know that you want a dental team that can provide all the treatment options that you could need. With the latest technology in our hands, we can guarantee this and regularly invest in the latest equipment available on the market.

Some of the most advanced pieces of tech we invest in allow us to create clear digital impressions. We can do this once and form the perfect impression. You won’t even need to worry about uncomfortable or awkward substances in your mouth while we complete this process. Instead, the scanner quickly and precisely is able to complete a full impression of your mouth, providing us with the information we need and you with a comfortable experience.

Another way we are making patients more comfortable is with CariVu. In the past, finding cavities was an uncomfortable and time-consuming experience for patients. However, with CariVu, this has changed completely. We can see cracks and issues with decay in your teeth and ensure that this is fixed the right way. We can even identify problems with your teeth before they get any worse.


Aside from the numerous benefits discussed above our aim is to build a long-lasting relationship with all our patients. To do this, we strive to provide exceptional levels of patient care and ensure that we offer world-class dental treatments. Every member of our team strives for exemplary levels of customer service and will endeavor to ensure that all your needs are catered to.

We know how difficult it can be for some people to visit the dentist. This can be an incredibly stressful experience and you might do everything that you can to avoid it. The leader of our team Dr. Patel is fully aware of this. She believes that the finest details are important to ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable. That’s why we go to such tremendous lengths to ensure that you do feel completely taken care of.


If you are interested in touring our office, do make sure that you schedule an appointment with us today. We are always delighted to welcome new patients to our dental practice and ensure that they get the treatment that they deserve. Patient care is our top priority at Dynamic Smile Design. With the latest technology, skilled team members, and all the comforts you could need, we can deliver one of the best dental experiences in Orlando. Contact us today!